The Staff

Sergeant "Moon" Mullen
Robyn Mullen
The LASD Retired List was created in 1997 by retired Sergeant William "Moon" Mullen.  He started with 40 names and it has now grown to over 3600 members.
Deputy "Ike" Sabean
Sergeant Jacqueline "Jacque" Franco
Retired Deputy Galen "Ike" Sabean and his lovely partner, Retired Sergeant Jacqueline "Jacque" Franco have been members of the Moon List since 1999.  For the past 10 years Ike has been an integral part of the list, filling in whenever Moon is away.  He and Jacque live in Long Beach, CA. 
Rich Wilabee
Judy Wilabee
Rich and Judy are webmasters for the site. They took over the site in January of 2016.  In early 2017 they gave the site a new look and feel.

Rich does the programming and Judy makes sure that the grammar and spelling are correct. 

Rich spent over 20 years at Homicide Bureau.  He was the Tech and IT guy.  Judy spent 42 years on the Dept and retired as an OAIII.
Sergeant Jon Armstrong
Merilee Armstrong
Jon & Merilee Armstrong designed the original site and were the original webmasters.

Merilee is the graphic artist. Jon designed the pages and updated the web content.
Sergeant Burton Brink
Sergeant Kim Brink (Shelton)
Burt is the newest member of the staff.  He will be sending out the "Daily Mail" during the times that Moon is unavailable or away from home.